Bigg Boss 12 contestant Deepak Thakur at Somi Khan’s sister wedding

By | March 4, 2020
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Deepak Thakur who was the part of Bigg Boss 12 entered Bigg Boss as a commoner. Recently Deepak was seen in Somi Khan’s sister’s wedding.


We all know how Deepak was in love with Somi Khan during their Bigg Boss season. Although Somi was not interested to be in a relationship with Deepak as she feels Deepak and she can be good friends. Deepak Thakur always tried to convince Somi but it was just a waste of his time.

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But we all can see their friendship as Deepak went to Jaipur for Somi Khan’s sister Sana Khan.

Deepak had posted lots of pictures with Somi Khan, Roshmi Banik and her sisters Saba and Sana.


Deepak wrote, ” It’s all about Khan’s sister #SanakiShadi, Shadi mai Dhammal, Pauche hain Bihar se door, Masti karenge bharpoor in the pink city Jaipur”

Deepak even commented on Somi’s picture that read, “Bann than k ready hai Behen k shhadi mein jawla bikaarne k liye”

Deepak although having so much of feeling Somi never confess his love to her. Deepak already knew he was friend-zoned by Somi Khan. Contestants used to tease Deepak for this. But the friendship between both of them stays strong. Deepak is attending Somi Khan’s sister wedding forgetting all the negative aspects of their Bigg Boss journey.


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